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For an all-round perfect brand appearance

No doubt about it - a high-caliber writing instrument is a real head-turner. However, suitable accessories make round off that perfect promotional statement. Pen cases, spare pen nibs, highlighters or frames - a practical and original range of writing supplements for the office desk, bar or counter that make ideal promotional ambassadors.


This is because an attractive ballpoint pen is one side of the coin - presenting it appropriately and having the right accessories is the other. We here at uma would not be one of the world's leading manufacturers of promotional ballpoint pens if we did not also have many innovative and attractive solutions in our repertoire.


What would you say for example to a smart pen case? We can offer various materials for pen cases - from paper to plastic to high-quality leather. We can even print personalised texts on these pen cases for you. It almost goes without saying that this makes for some particularly fine promotional messages and gifts.


For years here at uma we have been dedicated to the finest standards of finish and quality - and our uma quality pen nibs have done a great amount to build this reputation for us. Of course, you can reorder these from us - assuring you of the experience of long-lasting writing pleasure.


Especially in everyday working life, it is essential to be able to sort the essential from the non-essential. Our highlighters can help you to do that, and our product range covers a vast and diverse range of these. You can also source staplers, holding systems and a great deal more besides.


In a nutshell, at uma you can obtain anything in the world of the promotional ballpoint pen – which means that 'The handwriting of advertising' becomes your personal signature. Please have a browse through our latest product catalogue or go straight to the uma product configurator to put together an appropriate set of accessories for your needs. Our experienced uma team looks forward to answering any questions you may have.

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