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Simply stunning products!

Exclusive, classic, solid metal ballpoint pens always make a powerful statement. Not only that, but uma grooms its product range with a genuine love of detail. Examples of this are the special versions of clips and shanks, the pleasant soft grip areas and the skilfully applied colour highlights on our plastic applications.


Ballpoint pens made of metal imbue their owners with a very special charisma. And of course, metal is a material that comes in a multiplicity of forms - noble and heavy to light and filigree, we here at uma offer you the complete range of models. That makes the choice of appropriate writing instrument into an ultimate question of personal style. Then again, in whom can customers right around the globe better place their confidence than in an absolute market leader: uma, the 'handwriting of advertising'?


Of course, it is often the small details that make a pen such an individually distinctive item, e.g. the metal pen nibs or the shiny pushbutton. This, in combination with our numerous enhancement options, means for our customers that they can have a new experience of uniqueness, beauty and elegance at uma. It is almost a truism that our pens make ideal promotional gifts.


We at uma, as one of the world's leading manufacturers of promotional ballpoint pens, field a gigantic number of different models. Please have a browse through our latest product catalogue , discover the uma innovations or go straight to the uma product configurator to put together your own metal ballpoint pen.

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