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Growing into our hearts

Wood is a very special material, full of warmth and naturally created uniqueness. Every shank made of wood is a one-off item with its own history. Then we have yet another natural material in our product range, one not derived from pulp. Or perhaps it is ...?


As a leading manufacturer of promotional ballpoint pens, we here at uma place great emphasis on individuality. Promotional ballpoint pens made of wood are never, in the full sense of the phase, a 'standard product', but are instead as individual as the tree from which they were produced. We also have products in our range made from poly-lactic acid / corn starch, cellulose and cardboard – a more natural writing pleasure can scarcely be imagined: Inform yourselves right away about our Bio-Pens, our Paper Pens and our Natural-Series, made from bio-degradable plastic.


Sustainable raw materials - provided they are used responsibly - help to achieve a sound ecological balance. We here at uma are pleased to proclaim our responsible attitude in this respect, and have been awarded the PEFC seal - certification for products made from sustainably managed forestry. To learn more, please visit umaSecrets.


Pens made from wood and from recyclable materials have a distinctive charisma all of their own - the elegance of the Natural. It is easy to grasp - indeed to hold in your hand - why these pens are such great ways to communicate a promotional message!


Please have a browse through our latest product catalogue, discover the uma innovations or go straight to the uma product configurator to put together your own wood, bio or cardboard ballpoint pen. Our experienced and enthusiastic uma team is also on hand to help you choose enhancement options.

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