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Colour and function in a compelling shape

In the field of plastic writing instruments, modern manufacturing processes are continuously opening up new design options - from classical designs to gentle rounded edges, original material combinations, trendy frosted or neon colours and on out to exciting, extravagant applications.


In particular in the field of give-aways and promotional gifts, plastic ballpoint pens are an almost indispensable part of the repertoire. Quick to obtain and quick to pass on, with individual lettering or enhancements – this is why plastic pens make such an ideal promotional item, particularly at trade fairs or at other events with a high PR profile.


The advantages of plastic as a material are fairly self-evident: The surface can be covered in a gloss or matt finish, the body can be transparent-gloss or transparent-frosted – there is virtually no limit to the colour and variation options.


And the latest innovations and material developments have all helped to make this kind of writing instrument even more attractive and more visually striking. Do you for example know our latest GUM models? These are pens with a pleasant soft-touch rubber case, also available in cool neon colours.


We at uma, as one of the world's leading manufacturers of promotional ballpoint pens, field a gigantic number of different models. Please have a browse through our latest product catalogue, discover the uma innovations or go straight to the uma product configurator to put together your own plastic model.

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