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The world of the ballpoint pens is called uma!

Welcome to uma, the leading supplier of ballpoint pens. Here at uma we offer you a whole variety of models, materials, colours – and naturally also sui-table accessories. Because not all ballpoint pens are the same.

From metal to plastic through to recycled material and wood, our writing instruments express complete individuality when writing promotional messages. Elegant, unusual, funky, decent, flashy, colourful ...nothing is impossible with uma! It is almost a matter of course that we also offer a wide-ranging set of finishing options – from screen printing to laser engraving or even all round printing with uma Visual.

On the following pages, we set out the special fea-tures and the various materials available. In our uma product configurator > you can access our vast array of different models and put together your favourites easily and quickly.

At the end of the day - and thank goodness for it - much remains a matter of personal preference. Which is why we recommend that you simply make up your own mind - then place an order today for samples of your favourite! Our team > will be de-lighted to help you with any questions you may have.

Welcome to the world of promotional ballpoint pens –  welcome to the world of uma.

Plastic writing instruments:
an inexhaustible variety

In the field of plastic writing instruments, modern manufacturing processes are continuously opening up new design options - from classical designs to gentle rounded edges, original material combina-tions, trendy frosted or neon colours and through to exciting, extravagant applications. The result is an almost infinite range of colours and forms that you can obtain at uma.
In particular, as give-aways and promotional gifts, plastic ballpoint pens are an indispensable part of the repertoire. Quick to obtain and quick to pass on, with individual lettering or finishes – this is why plastic pens make such an ideal promotional item, particularly at trade fairs or at other events with a high PR profile.

The surface can be covered in a gloss or matt fi-nish, the body can be transparent-gloss or transpa-rent-frosted – there is virtually no limit to the colour and variation options in the field of plastic writing instruments. Recent trends have also resulted in even more striking and extravagant designs. Do you for example know our latest GUM models? These are pens with a pleasant soft-touch rubber case, also available in cool neon colours.

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of promotional ballpoint pens, uma fields a gigantic number of different models. Please have a browse through our latest product catalogue >, discover the uma innovations > or go straight to the uma product configurator > to put together your own plastic ball-point pen.

Metal writing instruments – for glowing prospects

Exclusive, classic, from massive to elegant – metal ballpoint pens always make a powerful statement. The uma range of products stand out not only for its variety but also for the special attention to detail. Examples of this are the special versions of clips and barrels, the pleasant soft grip areas and the skilfully applied colour highlights with plastic applications.

Noble and heavy to light and filigree, we here at uma offer you the complete range of metal ballpoint pens. That makes the choice of appropriate model into an ultimate question of personal style. Then again, in whom can customers right around the globe better place their confidence than in an absolute market leader: uma, the "mark of advertising"? Of course, it is often the small details
that make a pen such an individually distinctive item, e.g. the metal pen nibs or the shiny push-button. This, in combination with our numerous finish options, means for our customers that they can have a new experience of uniqueness, beauty and elegance at uma. Is it not an ideal promotional gift? Of course it is!

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of promotional ballpoint pens, uma fields a gigantic number of different models. Please have a browse through our latest product catalogue >, discover the uma innovations > or go straight to the uma product configurator > to put together your own metal ball-point pen.

Growing demand for writing instruments made with natural materials

Wood is a very special material, full of warmth and naturally created uniqueness. Every barrel made of wood is a one-off item with its own history. As a leading manufacturer of promotional ballpoint pens, we here at uma place great emphasis on individuality. Our wooden writing instruments are as unique as the tree from which they are crafted.

Absolutely unique is also the new and innovative uma PET PEN. These writing instruments are made from recycled PET bottles (the so-called rPET). From colourful to transparent, they are chic and elegant – getting promotional messages through to men or women cannot get more sustainable. Here design is combined with responsibility. It's no wonder that we have been awarded the PSI Sustainability Award for it.

Then we have yet another natural material in our product range, one not derived from pulp. Or perhaps it is ...? 
Because we not only offer ballpoint pens made from rPET and wood, but also those made from polylactide/maize starch, cellulose and cardboard – a great way of enjoying writing naturally. Find out now about our organic pens, paper pens and natural series made from biodegradable plastic.

Sustainable raw materials - provided they are used responsibly - help to achieve a sound ecological balance. We here at uma are pleased to proclaim our responsible attitude in this respect, and have been awarded the PEFC seal - certification for products made from sustainably managed forestry. To learn more, please visit umaSecrets >.

Pens made from wood and from recyclable materials have a distinctive charisma all of their own - the elegance of the Natural. It is easy to grasp - indeed to hold in your hand - why these pens are such great ways to communicate a promotional message! Please have a browse through our latest product catalogue >, discover the uma innovations > or go straight to the uma product configurator > to put together your own PET PEN or wood, organic or cardboard ballpoint pen. Our experienced uma team > is also on hand to help you choose finish options.

Highlighters in a class of their own – our highlighters

What's important and what is not - does it depend on the individual? Yes, it does! The uma highlighters highlight important information - easily and noticeably. Bright, colourful and elegant models - that's what uma highlighters stand for.

Like the LIQUEO: here highlighting of texts is taken to new level: better, more elegant and more individual. Lastly, the LIQEO is a world novelty. The new liquid ink delivery system ensures not only better writing quality and longer writing time, but also greater luminance. In addition, it also ecologically superior to the previous highlighters. With LIQEO, which is available in 3 versions (regular highlighter, mini highlighter and highlighter pen), you can rely on all round visibly better promotional messages.

Our offer WRITE & HIGHLIGHT is particularly popular. Here you can combine one of our writing instruments such as a metal ballpoint pen > or a plastic ballpoint pen > with LIQEO. The whole ensemble then goes into an elegant case which can be individually designed.

As a leading manufacturer of promotional ball point pens, uma not only offers a variety of highlights but also innovative highlighters. Please have a browse through our latest product catalogue >, discover the uma innovations > or go straight to the uma product configurator > your own LIQEO – or have a look at a suitable pen case.

Our accessories complete the picture

No doubt about it - a high-caliber writing instrument is a real head-turner. However, suitable accessories round off that perfect promotional statement. Pen cases or frames - a practical and original range
of writing supplements for the office desk, bar or counter that make ideal promotional ambassadors.

We here at uma would not be one of the world's lea-ding manufacturers of promotional ballpoint pens if we did not also have many innovative and attractive solutions in our repertoire.
What would you say for example to a smart pen case? We can offer various forms and materials - from paper to plastic to high-quality leather. We can even print personalised texts for you. It almost goes without saying that this makes for some particularly fine promotional messages and gifts.

For years here at uma we have been dedicated to the finest standards of finish and quality - and our uma quality refills > have done a great amount to 
build this reputation for us. Of course, you can reor-der these from us - assuring you of the experience of long-lasting writing pleasure. Especially in everyday working life, it is essential to be able to sort the es-sential from the non-essential. Our Highlighters > are the ideal solution: flashy, striking, impressive. You can also source staplers, holding systems and a gre-at deal more besides.

In a nutshell, at uma you can obtain anything in the world of the promotional ballpoint pen – which means that "The mark of advertising" becomes your personal signature. Please have a browse through our latest product catalogue >, discover the uma innovations > or go straight to the uma product configurator > to put together an appropriate set of accessories for your needs. Our experienced uma team > looks forward to answering any questi-ons you may have.

Our refills – quality in all areas

The uma quality refill is the core of every writing instrument and also one of the most important reasons for a sustained success of promotional messages. Because uma stands for longlasting enjoyment of writing and refills, which do not easily run out of steam: This is why we place the greatest importance on highest quality – and we never compromise here. Due to the use of German writing paste and compliance with the ISO standard, the European quality refills from uma promise writing to be a great pleasure and comfort all the way.

Every handwriting is characterised by a unique style of writing. It's the same with uma refills. Depending on what you want,
you will find the best refill technology for the most varied kind of writing preferences and different versions of material and models in our extensive range of products. Be it refill for a ballpoint pen, a rollerball pen, a retractable pencil, filament pen – with a uma refill you most certainly have quality writing all the way. uma refills page >

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